Dienstag, 4. Juli 2017


Yes, it's me who now runs the netlabel dance-on-the-noise-floor.blogspot.de (click the link to the right) using the artist name Dotnf Netlabel or Rolling On Laughing Floors (R-O-L-F). It's a vehicle for creative commons licensed publishings/downloads and an information platform.

#1 - Harburg 1979-1984. You can't find very much documents of the punk and diy scene of Hamburg-Harburg in the late 70's and early 80's, although there has been something like that.

In my archive I have three acts of interest (without me myself and I, who prefers to be himself since 1988 with the midi computer synth stuff):

1. Pierre Godot and Die Godots - You can find infos at pierre's own blog pierregodot.blogspot.de (click the link to the right).

2. Was keiner wusste https://archive.org/details/DOTNF04

3. Garygk Anarchimkobv https://archive.org/details/DOTNF03

As far as I can remember it, it's been an interesting scene. Let's see if we can find some old gold...

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